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If you are watching my videos, reading my blogs indirectly you are supporting me and my work. but if you want me to grow, reach more people to showcase my work, and want to contribute to my good work here I am giving you some choice's it's up to you.

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1. Share My Content with Friend's, Family, Brother, Sister & People to Whom It's Relevant 😋.


Hi Everyone My Channel Cater's multiple's a niche/genre videos, like job seeker's if you think you know someone who can get help from my video's just share my channel with them. not only job related if someone loves traveling, someone wants to know more about Bangalore, or software engineer life, especially share in your college groups.  you just share it will be a great help for me. I have a better chance to grow faster with your help. 

2. Buy Anything From My Shop / Affiliated Links 


If You Visit My Shop or see links for websites like Amazon, Flipkart, DJI, Pluralsight and other companies link on my website and if you are purchasing anything just purchase from links I have provided I get some commission if anyone purchase from my link.

3. Bring Sponsor's For Me


If you are not aware of Influencer marketing, companies ask an influencer to promote their services, product, company, business on their Youtube channel / Instagram Profile and your creator make some money from it. if you think you can bring a sponsor to me it can be anything from local business to a well-established company. it will be a great help too. Drop Email here

4. Donate Me

I Feel Sad Asking for donation, I don't know why, but there is a need of it. we creators don't make enough money who are struggling not successful yet, the time and energy we spend we don't get enough returns but the satisfaction we get because of you and your support. if you wish to donate then donate me and I am telling you the reason why you should donate :
  1. I need to buy the gear I am saving but whatever amount I get I will add that into my savings to buy DSLR, Laptop, Gimbal, Drones, etc.
  2. When PUBG streamers Can Put Paytm No. Or get Super chat because they are entertaining people with their gameplay then why I can't put donate me an option where I am also working for a good cause, trying to entertain, helping people with my experience.

You Can Donate In Two Ways

By Scanning QR Code from any app and send the amount that you want to donate make sure you add your name and a good message. 

2. Or You Can Use This Instamojo Link To Donate: Click Here To Donate

That's All And One More way you can support me by staying forever by my side during my good and bad times. 

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