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I am happy to work with anyone if he is doing amazing work and also can help my subscribers if I share about you on my youtube channel blog. I don't promote betting apps something which is unethical. you can sponsor trips for me, you can call me in your event ( If you are event organizer) I vlog about it, I can help come to your college if want to invite me and want to tell about what stuff I do, software engineering stuff if you are Bangalore shop/business/startup want to promote your services, product, and restaurant. I am happy to work if you want to work with me.

   I am already working with some of the travel companies and also promoted some events and activities. Meet My Sponsor'sWant To Become Partner/Sponsor: Drop Me Email Here

Why Work With Me?

if you work with any brand/company I have one motto you should grow and with you, I want to grow, I am not much concern about earning from sponsorship but good collaboration with you.

  • Why I am different and can help your Business/Company/brand?

If I will promote you I make sure I make a video that is relevant for your brand type of audience I have multiple playlists like travel diaries if you are a travel company I will promote you there. I have Bangalore diaries if you are a restaurant, pub, cafe, and hotel I will promote you there if you are an event-related company I have event diaries likewise I will create content based on your company type so that you get audience of your type I wish some of them to become a customer too. so just drop me email here:

  • Why You Want Sponsors? 
Honestly Speaking Youtube is not only about creating videos but also about collaboration with people and brands. In India, people don't earn much from youtube income and to survive we need some good sponsor's we help you guys to get a new customer and we get financial stability. In a recent survey Influencer marketing actually helped brands to go viral and also bring new customers to them compare to their legacy marketing campaign. my channel is a vlog channel I can be the right fit for any brand.

Place Sponsored Ads On My Blog?

I have created guides, courses and blog posts where I can place your advertisement, don't get an idea what I am talking about let me explain.
  • I visited Goa, I created the Goa Travel Guide, which helps people to plan the trip but wait we need hotels to stay if you are any hotel I can place your reference in a travel guide. if you provide bikes in goa I can provide your reference, if you are a travel company having a package for goa I can provide your link for that package if anyone wants to visit they can book. but for all this, I want to experience without knowing how you serve your customer's I can't ask my subscriber's to suggest you they trust me I don't want to break their trust if you provide bad experience.
  • I have Course and tutorial's if you are an instructor on  Platform like udemy/unacademy and want to promote your course, I can help you. for example, if I created a blog post on web development and you teach web development I can place sponsored ads on my blog post.
There are multiple examples I can fit your brand/company with my content you just need to communicate with me by dropping an e-mail to there are two different ways to become my sponsor's.

  1. Sponsor's Youtube Video For You.
  2. Sponsored Advertisement On My Blog.

How Much I Charge?

My Rates will be convenient for you I don't think it will be out of your budget. if you really want to work with me I bet you will never going to regret the decision. I am already working with . I also got a call from Skyzone Bangalore which is a trampoline park. we can discuss everything on email. if you want to know who all are the companies I worked with you can check out My Sponsor's.

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