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If You Want Job In IT you have to clear first hurdle which is written round because most of the companies conduct first round Quantitative Aptitude test where they filter out most of the students from ON/OFF campus drive. During Placement season if you are able to crack first round chances of getting job increase by 60%.

How To Prepare For Written Round For Campus Placement

 In This Article I will provide you step wise step how you can prepare for Aptitude test for software companies, best place to study and practice. Preparing Quantitative Aptitude help everywhere because syllabus of employment opportunity tests like AMCAT, e Litmus, Mettl and Co cubes also ask Aptitude.


How To Prepare For Written Round

Most of the companies conduct first round as online written test which consist mainly 3 sections :-
  1. Quantitative Aptitude
  2. Reasoning ( Logical Ability) 
  3. English (verbal ability)

Some Company Also ask Computer Science Subject Objective type question from subjects like C, C++, Java, Operating System, Computer Networks, DBMS, Data Structure. you can prepare Technical MCQ for written round from Sanfoundary. alert-warning

Some Of the companies also take programming ( Competitive programming round ) which sometime clubbed with written round or technical round you will see competitive coding round in most of the AMCAT based written round. To Prepare for Competitive programming best site GeeksForGeeks.

Prepare Quantitative Aptitude For Campus Placement

I have seen most of the people start solving R.S Aggrawal without planning its time consuming play smart, you don't need to score 100% marks you just need to score cut off marks so better prepare important Topics for Quantitative Aptitude. Important Topics For campus point of view.

Topics with Red Color Are Most Important Topics For Campus Placement Aptitude test
  1. Numbers
  2. LCM and HCF 
  3. Work and Wages
  4. Pipes and Cisterns 
  5. Time Speed Distance
  6. Trains, Boats and Streams
  7. Percentages
  8. Average
  9. Mixture & Allegation
  10. Age 
  11. Profit and Loss 
  12. Permutation and Combination
  13. Probability
  14. Clocks
  15. Calendars
  16. Race 


Prepare Reasoning For Campus Placement

I Consider this section as one of the easy and good scoring section. Most Important Topics For Reasoning.

  1. Data Interpretation
  2. Series : Missing Numbers
  3. Odd One Out
  4. Data Sufficiency
  5. Syllogism
  6. Sitting Arrangements
  7. Direction Sense Test
  8. Coding Decoding

Prepare For Verbal ability ( English )

I always struggled to learn English so i start applying approach of Student of the year Jai mata di tukka ✓ A, Jai Mata di tukka 'C' But Here I am Sharing important topics that you need to prepare.
  1. Fill in the Blanks
  2. Synonyms and Antonyms,
  3. Vocabulary Based
  4. Find Error In Sentence ( Grammatical Mistakes )
  5. Sentence completion
  6. Analogies
  7. Correction ( From Noun , Pronoun, Verb Etc. )
  8. Reading comprehension
Before You say Jai mata di start predicting right answers its good practice you solve verbal question as many you can solve.


 Tips And Tricks To Clear Your Written Aptitude Round

I Know The pain of preparing for written round you never able to complete all the subjects because not everyone attended CAT/GATE Coaching in 3rd year of college. but i have some thing to say that i am using as tips and tricks that you can follow so that you will struggle less, these are some points : 

  • Dont Prepare To Score 100 marks Prepare to score the cutoff marks of written exam.
  • Topics which you find tough ignore but become master in topic which you like and able to solve.
  • Prepare topics once and start solving the questions, practise will teach you not preparing topics by watching video.
  • If you suck in maths and you are not able to clear first round in campus placement and coming to bangalore you better first improve your maths because without clearing aptitude its very hard for anyone to get job because you will not get chance to showcase your technical skills no matter how good you are in that.

Place And Website To Prepare For Written Round

when i was job seeker i read one answer on quora where someone told make IndiaBix your bible, thats what i will suggest because many times i got same exact questions in company written test. also you can Google Best Places For Preparing Written Round , why you should google because may be when i am writing this blog some awesome website are not created but when you are reading many other sites start getting popularity so yeah, now let me share some website which you can visit to help yourself. 

Articles That You Can Read

when i was hunting job what i use to do i love reading so i start reading many articles as much as i can which provided me domain knowledge + understanding what is important. i will suggest you the same i am adding some article here but its always good practise if you find your type of article what knowledge you are seeking in your case. because sometimes good content you searching will be on the second page of google sea

I Hope This Article Helped You if yes then please comment and share with friends, family or person who need this information. i am closing my pen cap now bye.

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