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 I Never Understood Programming Language And Coding 

Honestly Speaking I never choose the computer science stream because I have an interest in it, but my family & My Brother ( who is also a software engineer ) told my father getting job is easy, if you are from a computer science background. 

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ME Happy That Girls Count Is More In Computer Science Stream
So here I am another software engineer who struggles to understand programming and also dumb who miss his coaching of C/C++. Don't miss classes if you are going to learn programming language I repeat never think about it you will regret later. 

 My Programming/Coding Journey Started 

The first Programming language I started Learning was C language. I think everyone starts with C, because of this Universal fact that is shared by our seniors or teacher: "If You Know C/C++ Language then you can learn any language".

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How People Act in college when they have basic knowledge of programming and you just getting started
But it should be like if you are able to understand the concept of programming language then you can learn any language that you want to learn. I started coaching for C/C++ from Sharma Coaching Academy Bhopal, ( SCA Bhopal ), one of the best institutes to learn a programming language in Bhopal city. but I missed some of the classes then when I attended the next class I am not able to understand I tried but failed. then I thought I will learn C by myself I will start with C++. but then sir start telling the difference and then again I missed one class and not able to understand again.I successfully wasted 4000 INR. and not attended all the classes because not able to understand the concept. I am a piece of shit.

 In the Third Year, I started learning JAVA 

So Someone Told Me, it's not important for you to learn C/C++ to learn java. you can start learning java. so I thought yeah why not I need to command one programming language if not C/C++ then Java. so again I went Sharma Coaching Academy talked to Sachin sir ( one of the finest teacher ) and told I missed C/C++ classes and want to learn java he told yeah you can start so again I joined and I 
really start enjoying studying java until it got to complex like collection, Multithreading.

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I will suggest everyone never bunk programming class

these are some topics again I missed but the problem with me as I am not learning java I am just studying. I never wrote any program by myself or never tried coding at home. so after course, I forgot everything just like my girlfriend memories.

 Don't Get Job Start Remembering Programs 

In College Placement there are some frequently asked programs that interviewer's asked from fresher's so what I did I try remembering the code and programs (It's Like Cramming Solution of maths problem ). 

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Like Armstrong Number program, find odd and even number, Reverse string program. that worked well because the interviewer never asks questions/programs beyond this. but my bad luck I don't get a job in college even after answering the question, it's my misfortune guess.

 Then I Start Understanding Programming Language 

It's was not like I am dumb but no one taught me programming as I wanted, I learn with practicals and my colleagues in teaching they taught programs to write Sum Of Two number's I start thinking we have calculator it can do anything you want then why they are teaching me this. but then after college, I was moved to Bangalore for job search and there I joined Jspider's where shishra Bhatt Sir teaches how programming language is used in all Apps and websites.

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Don't learn coding implement coding technique
 I start getting interested in a programming language like how if-else can be used to filter Veg/Non-Veg Dishes in Your Food ordering app. don't learn programming language implement programming language then I started creating my own programs, teacher taught us with hello world I started with "Hello Friends Chai Pi Lo" I start variable like Integer SalmanMovieLogic = 0;, I start writing method like FindWhoIsShit(String my_friend). I don't know whether you are able to understand what I just tried to explain but this helped me a lot to understand all programming language concepts.

 I Started Implementing Programming Knowledge In Real Life 

Later, Sometimes I found my interest in Front End So I started creating my own Blog imswarnil.com using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. See My Site Which I Created. I never took any course for web development but it is my curiosity which allowed me to create this beautiful blog. I was learning each and every concept by implementing it on my blog. that's how I learn and I realized this is the most effective way of learning. I discovered late but happy at least I discovered now if I want to learn anything I start building project and what I want I read from google and do it. and one last point of this post I got a job in a startup as a web developer it also helps me to understand web development.

I hope you enjoy my journey or struggle to learn coding, how you learned coding? what drives you crazy about programming language. comment down below I know everyone is having their own story what's your story?

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