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People Who Follow Me They Know I Got a job in a startup as a web developer, but my sister was not happy with the job and reason was less salary. I was getting 13k per month in a startup.

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My Sister Reaction She Believe that I deserve 10 times better than this salary 13k per month is not good.

Accenture, Startup 2 Year's Bond and Me

and also signed 2 years of bond with my startup company. I can't reveal the name because of i absconded from the company after 2 months why because i got a job i Accenture on 11 March 2018.
my sister was not happy with a startup so on Saturday/Sunday I keep searching job and on weekdays I was doing the job, that's why not able to upload videos during this period due to a shortage of time on youtube.

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Was Busy Working In Startup No Time For Youtube 
when I got a job in Accenture my main concern was I signed 2 years of bond what will happen if I quit but I can't miss Accenture opportunity so I decided to leave the company without informing anyone who blocked everyone from my company disappeared for them. 

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it's against ethics but I think my decision not affected anyone. I have taken this decision for my good future if I inform my startup company then I need to pay 2 salaries of 2 years which I will be getting from startup it's near around 3.6 lacs. I have taken this decision after reading this answer on quora.


From Quora 

I had signed an employment bond for certain years, but now I wish to leave the company. What is the best way of dealing with this situation?

Ankitha Mattam
Ankitha Mattam, Bondless, and Employed

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