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Job Seeker's Crash Course

Hi Everyone Job Seeker's Crash Course Is Step Wise Step Guide for People who want to get a job in the IT Industry/Software Industry. How I can help you because once I was also a job seeker struggled, rejected from 34 interviews, but I got a job in the startup as a web developer and after 2 months working in a startup I got a job in Accenture. so I know how to search, apply and prepare to crack interview, I will be sharing my experience with you guys with all the question you have related to job seeker, because my subscriber's on youtube already asked so many questions related to job and I want to answer them I will be answering each and every question here and if by mistake I forget any question you can comment down below, I will write blogpost on it. This Course is the ultimate guide for a job hunt, how you can get your first job what are the right ways, Do and Don't Everything You will get under One Hood Job Seeker Crash Course By Swarnil.


Without Preparing for a job if you think you are going to get a job no way it is possible only in college placement Bulk Recruitment Drive but after college, you need to prepare. how to prepare I will share links, material, and reference in this course from where you can prepare. I can only tell you have to work hard.


Getting Job is not about how well you prepared for interviews and drive, but it also depends on luck, so if you are fully prepared then also be ready to fail and reject from interviews. it's fine to fail multiple times but learn from failure. work on your weakness which is an obstacle between you and your first job.


Don't stop until you get job Prepare - Cycle of Rejection will continue but don't stop keep preparing and keep failing but one day will come, when you will be fully prepared and you just need to wait for your luck and day. All The Best Team#.

How To Use This Course 

This Course Contains Series Of Blogpost which will guide you what are the right steps you need to take I created a category on my blog i.e My Job Seeker's Story, Job Seekers Basic,  Prepare Yourself, Bangalore For Job Seekers which includes all your answers which my Subscribers asked me related to job hunt. 

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if you want any other Topic to cover in this job seeker course please comment down below I will write a blogpost and share the link in the comment itself with you. and also share this course Page URL with people who need this information. make sure team# you show your presence here in the comment section. I reply to each and every comment.

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